Monday, September 16, 2013

 Well, I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder since I have been told numerous times that I need to update my blog.  I've thought about it, wanted to do it, but there just hasn't been enough time for me to actually take the time to sit at the computer and figure out how to do the pictures, etc.  So now is the time, before this day is over, to update my web site as well as the blog! 

Life has been hectic, busy and then hectic some more.  My sister was here for a little more than a month.  We took her home last Thursday.  I know she was glad to get home and I guess I was glad to get back to "normal" but I miss her so much.  Even though we were both here together, usually both working, her painting and me teaching or working on class stuff, she was still here.  We had a good time together and she finally got to put names and faces together for so many of you she has read about on the blog.  She misses us too!!!

Lots of new fall classes on the schedule.  Come and join me if you find some free time.  The schedule is updated on my web site calendar.

Speaking of classes, Joyce has already finished (and gotten framed) her Frost on the Pumpkin piece.  It looks great and perfect timing for decorating!
And my little over-achiever (just kidding) Joyce has also finished her Halloween Tree project.  She really worked hard and quickly on this project.  And again, just in time for Halloween decorating.  Way to go're the first to finish! 

We had a full room of ladies today working on "Thanks" mats.  Unfortunately I let them all escape but these two before I remembered to take pictures.  They are all beautiful and everyone left with all their pieces in place and lots of blanket stitching to be done!  Love both of these and each is so different from the other. 

A friend brought me this sweet little salt and pepper set the other day.  I love surprises and squirrels and acorns and all things fall!   
Well, today another friend brought me a surprise in a gift bag and lo and behold, it was another squirrel holding an acorn.  Love it!  Thanks so much to both of you for thinking of me!!!  And by the way, are you trying to tell me something, like maybe I'm a little nuts?!!!  Or squirrely?!  Hmmmmm...........just thinking.........
On that note, off to grab some dinner with hubby and do some stitching.  Hope you all enjoy the beautiful fall days (technically still summer) but close to fall and find some time to do some stitching yourself, especially all you gals that were here today!!!!!


  1. Sharon I love the pumpkin and the Halloween tree but I did not see them in your pattern store. Are they no available?

  2. No, I have not turned them into "patterns". They were just things that were made up for classes. Sorry.