Thursday, October 10, 2013

 Well, what can I say?  Bad blogger.  I don't do Facebook or Twitter or Facetime or whatever else there is out there.  I do well to answer emails these days.  And it seems that it takes me forever to get things downloaded for the blog.  So just know that lots has been going on around here but I just don't have time (nor do you!) to load all the pictures or even remember what has happened in the past month.  Mostly sewing and more sewing and classes and then more sewing with a quick trip to Florida to celebrate Mom and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary and then more classes and a little wool dying and some babysitting and visiting with the grandkids and more get the drift!

Several of the ladies got together to do a rag quilt.  Everyone came loaded with all their flannel fabrics and just worked the day away........ 
Pat decided to do a smaller version to make a tablerunner......she knew she could get that one finished!
Making progress!!  Looks great!

Great-Grandpa has three very eager students wanting to learn how to play the organ.  The girls have always loved playing the organ when they visit but now it seems Joshua wants to learn too!!  Great-Grandpa gifted the girls with a keyboard of their very own to take home with them.  What a wonderful gift! 
We were at the tennis courts one morning and I noticed, as Poppy and Joshua walked away, that they were dressed the same.  By coincidence but so cute!! 
Mina and Joshua playing cars while everyone else played tennis. 
Stitching by the pool.  I had just moved into the shade.  A little too warm for me!! 
Happy 60th anniversary Pete & Irene aka Mom and Dad aka Grandma & Grandpa aka Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa!!!  We love you both and can't believe you've been married for 60 years!!  We were all so blessed to be able to travel to Florida to share this big day. 
We brought little Joshua home with us so the girls and Mommy and Daddy could visit Sea World.  It was such a long drive.  He started out holding the cars Great-Grandpa bought for him and watched his favorite "Cars" movie. 
But finally conked out for a little R&R!!  Sweet baby...... 
Working on re-doing an older piece for a possible Vermont Retreat next year.  Also working on a couple other wool pieces for that retreat.  Could be lots of fun!! 
Recipe card class......lots of ladies with lots of work to do but a very fun card! 
Well, lookie's Tricia's birthday and all the gals showered her with birthday presents and we had a Coca-Cola Cake and helped her celebrate her "special" day! 

Oh my, what a wonderful gift!!!!  Thank you so much and I can't believe it!!  Or something like that!!  
Oh what a surprise, a muffin tin pincushion.....just what I've always wanted!! 
The gifts were passed around the room.........  

A wee bit of Irish in the lassie! 
Finished up lots of stitching on my Vermont projects and decided to reward myself with a little time at the sewing machine.  I had picked up a couple of the mini charm packs of the new Midwinter Red fabrics and decided to whip them into a small table topper. 
Now for a little quilting and binding and it will look great in my freshly painted kitchen!
Now, I'm sort of caught up and need to go soak my feet and do a little stitching!!  Hope you're all doing well and finding some time to stitch along the way.
Happy the weather right now!

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