Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Where did the month go???

What a super busy month!!  I can't believe tomorrow it will be May and I already know that month is going to fly by.  Lots of classes and other events going on that will just keep me on my toes.  I have had lots of classes and grandkids and sewing and quilting going on this month.  Here are some pics of a few things that I remembered to take pictures of.  Lately it seems I remember the pictures after everything is over!! 

Joan finished this beautiful redwork quilt.....a Crabapple Hill pattern I believe. 
Dolly finished (FINALLY!!!) her Thanksgiving quilt.  YAY Dolly!! 
Laura made her first muffin pincushion.  Great job! 
Christina was in a fallish kind of mood...... 
Dolly couldn't believe she had another project done.  YAY again!! 
And Liza's sweet pincushions were adorable. 
Donna completed her beginning quilt class with Miss Lou and here's the quilt to prove it.  She made this for her granddaughter's room. 
And Tricia finished Spring Breezes.  Love it! 
And somewhere in the middle of the month Pat had a birthday and we had to help her celebrate, of course.  And with all celebrations one must wear the birthday hat!!! 
One of her many gifts. 
And Joshua and I have been spending a little time together.  He found this bear in my dye kitchen and asked for Pooh Bear.   
Giving Pooh Bear a ride in the dump truck.  What else would a boy do with a bear? 
I have this old shopping cart that I use to haul things around in the garden (big bags of dirt!).  Joshua seemed interested in it so I pulled it out, he climbed in and I took him for a ride around the driveway and yard.  I'm sure the neighbors got a kick of seeing me pushing him in a shopping cart!! 
Playing trucks in my flower bed.  Guess I won't be planting anything new here for awhile.  Seems this is his space......oh well. 
A small group met this morning for a selvedge class.  We had so much fun and the ladies loved working with the selvedges. 
And yes, that is Bonnie actually sewing on my sewing machine!!!  I knew she could do it. 
Piles of selvedges I have been collecting......lots from my fabric and some donated by friends.  If you have any extra selvedges and want to donate them, I would happily accept them.  They just need to have an extra 1/4" or so of fabric left on the selvedge.  That's so we'll have somewhere to attach the selvedges together. 
Don't they look pretty when they're all sewn up?  I love them and am quite hooked on this project.  I may make a bag or table topper or quilt or dress.......who knows!!! 

So there's a wee bit of what has been going on around here.  My girls had a softball tournament Thursday through Sunday, so we spent some time at the ballfields.  They didn't fare too well but I think they still had a good time.

Our weather has been cooler and cloudy and rainy the past couple of days and I just love it.  I hope we truly get to have a spring this year and not get right into the hot, humid stuff. 

Hope you find some time to do a little stitching........

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