Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Merry Easter

to everyone.  I hope you all had a wonderful and peaceful Easter.  My husband and I went to visit our youngest son and wife in WV for Easter and then made a quick trip to visit my brother and family in VA on the way home.  I really wanted to do a post before we left for our trip but there just wasn't enough time.  And when you see all the pictures I'm about to share, you'll see why. We had class just about every day last week an then I had appointments afterwards so there never seemed to be time to do a post on the blog. 

So without further adieu, here are some wonderful projects by some wonderful ladies........

The first group of pictures is from a group that finished their Spring Breezes mats.  They have been collecting blocks each month to work on and finally met and put them all togehter.  They were each a bit different with wool choices and colors and each turned out beautiful!  And perfect timing for spring decorating.
This is Pat's mat.  I love the colors she chose for her house and bird.  And if you'll look closely, Pat has an extra block with a birdhouse which she had now embroidered and appliqued flowers. 
Check out the extra embellishments to Joyce's house....love the subdued color scheme the brown backgrounds create. 
Helen didn't want to use black for any of her background pieces.  Love how it turned out. 
Donna and Joyce color planned their pieces together so very similar layouts.  Great job! 
Joan tried to make this house look like her real house colors.  Love that!!! 

We had Busy Bee Finishing School one day.  Boy did the ladies come through with show and tell and finished projects!!!
This is Jeannie's flower garden quilt fresh from Laura's quilting machine.  It turned out gorgeous. 
And Laura brought her Calendar Girl's quilt all put together and quilted.  This was absolutely beautiful in person.  You really have to see it to appreciate all the quilting she did.  Finally she got to work on something for herself.  Seems she has been busy quilting lots of other quilts and wouldn't allow herself time for her own quilting until she got caught up.  Such dedication!!!!!
A close-up of one of the blocks.  It is just awesome.  She is doing such a great job with the quilting.......take advantage of her services, you won't be disappointed. 
Laura FINALLY quilted my spider web quilt.  We've been thinking about this one for awhile trying to figure out what to quilt.  We came up with a leaf motif which is just wonderful and perfect for a fall quilt.  It was definitely worth the wait and another piece you need to see in person to appreciate. 
She spent a lot of time getting the leaves in the right spots on the blocks.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the time and effort she puts into her quilting. 
Kim finished this patriotic piece that she's been working on for a bit.  I love this and will probably offer this as a class later on. 
Kim also finished her flower garden quilt.  We need to have a flower garden show and tell to see how different and beautiful all these projects turned out. 
This is Lisa's Memory Tree project.  She is a brand new wool person and is thoroughly hooked after working on this project.  She now has multiple projects to work on!!  She's hooked!!!!!
Betsy has been working on a hooked rug project for several months depicting special memories from her life.  This piece is huge and wonderful and magnificent and so imaginative!!!  This picture shows only a small portion from the rug.  She had a small corner she needed to finish hooking before the rug is complete so we'll take better pictures when it is completed. 

My little girls even came to Busy Bee on Thursday to work on a play they were going to be performing over Easter weekend with their cousins.  Lots of buzzing going on around here. 

So, as you can see, a very busy place last week.  This week is a little quieter with no classes scheduled until later in the week.  Catching up time for me!!  I think I have taken enough of your time for now........happy stitching!

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