Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things are slowly getting back to normal around my house.  There are still sad times but also lots of wonderful ladies showing up for classes and clubs that make me smile.  Tricia is one of them!!
Tricia has been so busy finishing up projects and making multiples as gifts.  She has been one busy lady.
A few of Tricia's finished projects...... 
We met in my dining room this week for Stitchery Club since the Quilt Club was meeting in my classroom.  We had a small group of five so it was nice and cozy.  The ladies all got right to work. 
Tricia working on her turkey towel.  She is going to have this completed in plenty of time for Thanksgiving. 
Bonnie is working on her Christmas stocking.  
Look how adorable Joan's stocking is......look at her little doggie Suzy she added to the stocking.  And I love Santa pulling the snowman on the sleigh....this was one of my older patterns that we shrunk way down.  Good job! 
This is Pat's second stocking.  Love it.  She and her husband will have beautiful new stockings hanging by the fireplace.
This is Joyce's first wool project EVER and look at what a great job she had done.  The Brrrrrrr was drawn by her five year old grandson.  Love, love it! 
Now this is very random but I ran across the next couple of pictures from when we were at my Mom's.  This full (or almost full) moon appeared above the trees at the cemetary while my husband and brother were inside making arrangements.  I thought it looked eerily cool. 
Another cemetary picture with the beautiful fall leaves.  I love visiting older cemetaries and reading the headstones........strange me! 
And definitely a full moon on the drive home. 
Raleigh and baby Joshua.........oh sis, leave me alone! 
Please Mina, stop taking my picture or I'm just going to cry!!! 
Raleigh said this was Joshua's Elvis funny that a five year old knows who Elvis is! 
Joshua is turning into an adorable little baby boy.  We watched the girls and Joshua for quite a few hours Saturday while Mommy and Daddy went out to celebrate their anniversary.  What fun and how tired I was when we got home! 
Big eyes!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Safe travels and lots of good food and friends............we'll have a house full which I am so thankful for. 

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  1. Busy hands and cute kiddo's make for a happy heart. I love the moon and those photos are wonderful.