Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a way to spend a Saturday.....teaching classes and celebrating a good friend's birthday. A few ladies got together to make tomato pincushions and a sweet needle keep designed by my famous friend Debbie Busby. We worked hard all morning, stitching and chatting.

And it looks like Rudolph even made an appearance!!  I told you to be careful how you posed Linda!!  You're so adorable..............
Finally, stacks of tomatoes began appearing on the table.......
Linda brought this scrumptuous strawberry cake to celebrate Laura's was so delicious.....we'll have to get the recipe to share with everyone.  We had a yummy lunch of quiche and broccoli slaw, lit candles on the cake, sang, all out of tune of course, and celebrated Laura's adding another year to her life.
Laura was having fun opening gifts....oh what could it be?  Fabric, that's always a good thing.
Oh my goodness, I am in heaven....a sunflower candle.  In case you haven't guessed by now, Laura loves sunflowers!! 
Love the fresh flowers, especially the sunflowers.  Just for the birthday girl.
I found this giant handcrafted wooden sunflower at Cameron Days in May.  It's been hiding around my house just waiting for Laura's birthday to get here.  I thought maybe, since she's getting older, she could use it as a walking cane.  Just kidding Laura!

Whether it's your birthday or not, I wish you all happy days...................

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