Thursday, June 24, 2010

From this to........
this!!  Finished my red, white and blue quilt top this morning.  Just put the borders on.  I'm so happy it's done.  Well, almost.  Still need to get it quilted but at least I'm closer to final completion!!  Thanks for your help Jennifer!!!!
I am still amazed at how you can take pieces of fabric, whack them up, sew them together and come up with beautiful quilts.  Just think of how many thousands of quilts have been made over the years.  And how there are probably no two alike, just like there are no two of us alike!  I hope you all have the chance to make just one quilt top, to play with the fabrics, plan your truly is a fun journey!
This quilt is my model for an upcoming class called the Disappearing Nine-Patch.  My friend Debbie taught me how to put these blocks together last summer and I have made several pieces since then.  It's fun, easy, quick, just my kind of project! 


  1. Don't know where this one is going but the colors are just PERFECT for your house. Nice job!!

  2. Love that border fabric!!!! Cannot believe I don't have any in my stash!!