Monday, June 14, 2010

We finished our quilt class on Sunday afternoon and I finished stitching down the binding last night.  Whoo-hoo, it's done.  I just love the fabrics and the layout of the quilt.  I'm calling it my "Happy Christmas" quilt.

Now, onto WOOL CRAZY!!  Can you believe that less than a month ago I started with this and now.............
I have this!!!!  I think I am DONE!!!  I just need to add a backing and it's officially complete.  I have to tell you I have really enjoyed this wool journey.  Can't wait for the classes to start so you all can begin your journeys................

Isn't this little birdie sweet! 
Happy stitching days girls.


  1. I love the Christmas quilt! Now, after it's all done would you do it again? =o)

  2. Oh, that is so pretty, love the fence and the colors are poppin'..I am over from Painted Quilt,Kaaren, she is such an artist.. Will be joining your followers too.. Have a great week

  3. Thanks Maggey and Jennifer. Yes, I would do the quilt again. I love the Painted Quilt too Maggey. Welcome to my little blog. -- Sharon