Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Weekend

What a busy Super Bowl Weekend!!  I had class most of Saturday and then the kiddos came in the afternoon to spend the night.  We had lots of fun with the kids, eating dinner, listening to Joshua say the sweetest blessing ever (wish I could have recorded it!), watching a wee little bit of TV, playing games, baths, showers, and then........................BEDTIME!!!! 
Joshua decided he wanted to sleep with the girls and climbed right in the middle and slept there all night.  Cracked me up but he was determined to hold his spot in their bed.  At 5am he woke up coughing and at 6am Reagan came and asked if I could please remove Joshua since he was waking them up.  I put him in bed with me and right back to sleep he went for a few more hours.  They are always so much fun and make us laugh so much when they're here.  
So as we're cleaning up yesterday afternoon after the kids have gone home, I was picking up a bunch of crayons Joshua had dropped on the floor.  Now imagine he didn't pick those up!!!  Which led me to my next thought process........a couple of years ago I bought the girls a Crayola crayon maker and we never used it.  I think we got it out once but didn't have the right bulb or something.  So as I'm picking up Joshua's crayons, I remembered the crayon maker and decided I would root through his crayons for broken crayons and go find the crayon maker and try it out.  That way, if it worked or if it didn't, I would have figured it out before sharing it with the kids. 
So as I'm waiting for the delicious home made pizza Mark is preparing for our Super Bowl dinner, I get out the crayon maker, read and re-read the instructions, find the right light bulb, get it all set up, put my crayons inside and watch and wait........ 
will it work?  is it working?  wait.......................looks like something is happening.....I think they're starting to melt...... 
As I'm patiently waiting on melting action, I decide I'd better start peeling the paper off the other crayons because I know I'm going to want to try this again.....well, let me tell you, this was the hardest part, getting the paper off.  Mark finally gave me a knife so I could score the paper to peel it away.  Just a tip in case you're going to rush out and buy your own crayon maker! 
And look, it's all melted.  Cool!!!  The next step is to pour the melted wax into some "crayon shaped" forms and let it cool.  And wait..................... 
While waiting, I finished peeling off the papers and now have a nice, colorful assortment of crayons to play with.
And look, new mixed-up wild colored crayons.  When you color with them it's really cool.  It's sort of like using a hand dyed floss where the colors change as you stitch.  I have now packed these new crayons and will deliver them to the children when I see them this afternoon.  I think they'll be tickled to try them out!  And perfect timing, the pizza was done just as my crayons were "cooling". 
During the Super Bowl I worked on stitching down a quilt binding for a very special quilt for a very special person.  And I was also able to test out the warmness of the quilt as I stitched.  I stayed very toasty warm during the game! 
I still have this much to go!!!  And the game is almost over and I'm getting tired.  I think I'll have to finish it tomorrow!  Oh well............tomorrow's another day!
Hope you found something fun to do during the Super Bowl. 

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