Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Don't you just love a snow day where you know you're stuck at home and no one can get to you and you get lots and lots done with no interruptions..............that's today for me!!  We had about five inches of snow over night and for those of you that don't live in the south, that's a big deal for us!  So I'm all snuggled inside, working on paper pieced carrots this morning, with lots of other class projects to try and get to today. 
Can you see all the little birdies hidden in the butterfly bush?  There have been dozens of birds taking refuge in the bush.  Glad we didn't trim it back yet.
And lots of birds at all the feeders.  And apparently some deer are hungry too.  Look at all the tracks! 
Don't you just love snow on a pine tree?  I do.  It looks so beautiful and graceful. 

I think the cars show the amount of snow in inches best.  

And I have snowmen inside to remind me of what's outside!! 

If this company were around here, they would make a fortune today.  All the kids were trying to find sleds yesterday.  I heard the stores were all sold kiddos managed to find some soft of "vehicle" that would hold two people.  Can't wait to hear about their adventures.  This will be little Joshua's first official snow.  I can only imagine the fun he will have.
Hope you're all snuggled someplace warm and stitching away the day.........

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