Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I recently visited a friend and her husband, with camera in hand.  She asked why I had the camera and I said I was going to take pictures of her decorated house.  Nothing like putting a person on the spot, but she was a good sport and I walked around snapping photos.  I've shared my house so many times I thought it would be fun to look at someone else's house!!

Pat stitches beautiful redwork pieces. 
Pat and Jim and their beautiful home.....thanks for sharing! 
I was ready to "snitch" her choir boys to add to my collection.  These belonged to her mother. 


Love the cardinals on the mantel.  These were some that we made in a class last year.  I had great plans to make a whole tree full!!!  My tree now has two! 

Pat "won" this quilted piece when a group got together and played Dirty Santa recently.  She found the perfect spot for the mat. 
And I know this was a new purchase recently.  Love it! 
This piece was from a class a couple of years ago.  Love to see things finished and being used!  hint hint! 
Snowman cookie jar collection 
This old quilted guy has been around a long time.  Pat bought this from my old store back in the 90's.  
Love this on the center of her dining room table. 

Can you tell Pat has a snowman theme going on this year.  I loved visiting their home and seeing all of her beautiful decorations.  Thanks for being a gracious host and letting me take pictures (as if you had a choice!!  haha).
I hope you enjoyed Pat and Jim's home and stay never know where my camera might turn up next!!! 

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