Friday, December 13, 2013

Gotta Love This Season!

My oldest granddaughter, Reagan, had a chorus performance last night.  Now, to me, going to any elementary performance is great fun.  The kids work so hard at preparing for their great debuts and you can tell there are some nervous butterflies going on, but in the end, it is always so much fun.  A great way to start the holiday season.  And tonight we have a music production at our church which, I am sure, will be beautiful.  Make sure to take a little time for the "fun" things during the holidays!
Standing room only crowd.......little Joshua had the best seat in the house.  Not sure about my son's shoulders though! 

Reagan is the "bear" in the upper right corner with the green and white apron.  I think she was the Mommy Bear. 
The three bears did a solo song together.  Reagan took front and center stage! 

Now where can you go find the three little pigs at Christmas time?  The middle pig was one of the teachers!! 
Ta-da!!  We're done, stick a fork in it, YAY!  Now off to grab a late dinner and celebrate with my fans!
Enjoy the season!!

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