Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween..............hope you get lots of treats and no tricks tonight!!
Faster than a speeding bullet, faster than a freight train......or whatever the words are supposed to's Superman Joshua...........flying out of the plants where he's not supposed to be! 
My Superhero grandchildren 
Raleigh as Wonderwoman 
Reagan as Captain Miss America  
And of course, little Superman 
It was hard to get pictures of this little Superman, he moves at the speed of that flying bullet! 
Can't remember if I already shared my spiderweb quilt but here it is again if I did.  Not quilted yet...... 
Jan brought in this beautiful quilt that she made for one of her Aunts.  You have to see this in person to appreciate it.  I was thinking she could leave it for me and when she left, she actually forgot to take it with her........but then she remembered and came back.  Oh well, almost got it! 
And Barbara brought in her Civil War quilt all done and quilted.  It is breathtaking and so much fun to study each block.  She did a wonderful job and again, you have to see it in person to truly appreciate all the work and beautiful piecing. 
I love the back of the quilt where she added a few leftover blocks.  A great idea that I may use myself.  Thanks for sharing Barbara! 
Barbara and Lou looking for one certain fabric in all those pieces.   
As the ladies were leaving, we discovered this little bee who appeared to be sleeping on a Camelia leaf.  Guess he just got tuckered out. 

Here's to wishing you all a fun Halloween evening.  Enjoy those little trick or treaters.  They work hard for all their loot!!

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