Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Stockings

 One of the classes I've been  teaching this fall/winter is a crazy quilt stocking.  We built our bases and appliqued lots of fun designs to the stockings.  I have one group of ladies that came to make stockings that had never done anything like this before.  They had never been to any of my wool applique or embroidery classes and decided to take the plunge and start with a stocking.  I was a little skeptical at first because the stocking isn't exactly a beginner project, but I was willing if they were willing.  I have to say how proud I am of those ladies.  They got all the applique done, all the decorative stitching and came back yesterday to finish their stockings.  They did a great job.  So this post is all about my little Fuquay group and their beautiful stockings!
The gang's all here.  Everyone is sharing their stockings.  Each one was beautiful and unique.  Some added special yarns, beans, ribbons, bells, buttons, trims.......just so imaginative!
Joyce, who says she is not a sewer at all, gets busy working on her cuff.
Helen's stocking is the only one with a pocket.  She got lucky when we were plundering through the wool and found an old wool shirt piece with a pocket.  It looks great. 
Pat and Donna share space and the sewing machine. 
Jeannie chose the thickest wool in the bins for her cuff.  We'll see how that works out Jeannie. 
And look who's on the sewing machine......Joyce!!  We had to take a picture to prove that she actually sewed her stocking.  You did great Joyce and I can't wait to see what else you decide to work on. 
Jeannie took this picture of me, head stitch aka teacher, trying to stitch on that super thick cuff for her.  It was a determination thing and we got it done.  I just prayed the needle didn't break! 
Jeannie with her thick cuff.  She had to hand sew the hanger on.....I knew it wouldn't even fit in the machine. 
What a beautiful stocking Donna!!!!  Donna said she couldn't believe she did it! 
The stockings were so pretty just laying on the table.  What follows is each stocking the ladies created.  I wanted to share them with the gals that are still working on their stockings to motivate them to finish and also to possibly share an idea.........

I have to say the pictures don't do these stockings justice.  You just have to see them in person!!!  So many of the fine details just don't come through in the photos. 
The Fuquay ladies and their beautiful stockings......good job and happy decorating!

I think sometime after the New Year I'm going to offer this class again.  I know a couple of ladies who want to come back and make more stockings.  So stay tuned if you want to get in on the fun.


  1. Absolutely beautiful stockings! These are definitely an inspiration to get my done. I am hoping to finish it before the New Year.

  2. It is great to see wool crazy ideas just rolling along. I love it! They all did such a wonderful job. What fun....Merry Christmas, Jo Ann