Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy Spring Days.............

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring least here in the south it's been beautiful, warm spring days with some thunderstorms thrown in for good measure!  I had my girls three days last week so I'm going to share a few photos of what we did during the week.  I did teach a couple classes here and there but forgot to take pictures.  So just girls..................
My husband caught me totally off guard working at my desk.  Look at all the stuff around me, drawings on the lightbox, papers everywhere!!!  Somebody needs to get busy in this room. 
We called Poppy at work and asked if he would like to join us for a picnic at the park and some play time.  The girls had a great time and were thrilled to see their Poppy. 
Girls of a different breed.............Lisa at The Little Herb House got 25 new baby chicks.  Aren't they adorable!!!!  Eat your heart out Evette!!!! 
After the park, we decided to have a tea party.  I broke out some china teacups and served the girls hot tea and crumpets (M&M cookies).  They loved it.  Looks like I have them hooked on hot tea. 

Raleigh decided the banana made a better smile.  Daddy thinks so too! 
On Friday we took a trip to the zoo in Asheboro.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the girls had a great time.  However, by the early afternoon the temps had climbed to 84 degrees and we got a little too warm.  At that point, the whiney "my feet hurt" chants started.  Time to go! 

A little ice cream always helps cool things off. 
OK, this is the great swamp creature at the zoo.  Lots of signs and advertising for this creature.  My girls think he was fake.  I'm not sure.  I thought I saw something move.  Pretty weird looking though. 
Reagan posing as the swamp creature.  Oooohhhh, scary! 
Fell asleep eating lunch they were so tired.  I think they're trying to trick me, however!   Funny girls. 
Opening day for baseball on Saturday.  Both of the girls are playing on the same team this year, my son and his wife are the coaches.  So a fun family affair.  Paul was asked to give a speech at the opening ceremonies......he did a great job and made us so proud. 
And he threw out the first exciting for the girls to see their Daddy out there. 
Raleigh looked so tiny in her uniform on the field.  She pretty much didn't really know what to do and had to be reminded to pay attention a few times.  I'm sure she'll catch on. 
Reagan, however, is a seasoned veteran.  This is her third year and she is quite the little player. 
Look at that stance! 
Game over, popcorn, life is good. 
She cute even with the hat turned around and a dirty uniform! 
Carry me Daddy, I've had a rough game! 
And every game needs an husband.  He didn't umpire the girls' game!!  Afraid he might not be unbiased.........

So there you have it in a nutshell.  A fun, busy week.  Let's see what this week brings. 

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