Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where there's a will.........

there's a way!!  My husband figured out that if I signed in from someone else's blog, I could get to my blog.  So for now that will work until we can figure out what else to do!!
So what follows are just some random pictures because that's sort of how my life is lately.  Lots of classes and grandchildren and sewing and shopping...........................
My husband thought I was a nut when I took a picture of this beautiful salad he made me over the weekend at dinner.  I just thought it was so pretty and colorful I had to share! 
Even in the south we can get some cooler temperatures so I have brought all my plants in from the back porch where they thrived this summer.  Now my kitchen window looks like a jungle.  I'll be cutting some of these things back so if anyone wants a start, let me know.  A lot of these plants were replanted from a plant I received when my Mom passed away.  I just have to keep them alive if you know what I mean.  And the aloe plant was given to me by a very sweet "student" who I believe had gotten hers from her Mom's plant.  So it's important that we keep these "Mom" plants going.  And the Norfolk Island Pine was given to me by my father-in-law earlier this year and it has grown a bunch and is thriving also.  Thanks Dad! 
A funny story about this pillow, well to me anyway.  I bought this peely paint high chair for my grandson a year ago.  He knows that's his chair and calls it "Joshua's chair" when he's here.  He moves it up to the table and climbs in.  I had put the turkey pillow on there for a decoration when we're not using the chair.  Well, the other day he was here and he climbed up in his chair and ate and eventually he said "where's Joshua's turkey?"  I didn't know, at first, what he was talking about.  I finally figured out that he had laid claim to my turkey pillow.  So I guess the rule is anything that sits on Joshua's chair belongs to Joshua!  Funny what goes through a two year old little brain! 
I don't remember if I shared pictures of my new kitchen shelves or not but here they are (part of them anyway).  They are a whole wall of cubbies so I can store dishes, etc. and have it all at easy access.  Also helped free up some cabinet space for other things.  I love, love, love these cubbies.  A local fella made them for me and he did a great job. 

I have been trying to get some bindings stitched on in the evenings.  Laura has quilted a few things for me and I've just been stockpiling them, waiting for the perfect free time to stitch the bindings.  Well, I realized there is not going to be any perfect free time and I just have to squeeze them in when I can.  So that's what I've been doing this week.  I got the above piece done which is now on my kitchen table and the below runner is on the dining room table. 

This is the piece I'm working on now.  It is super long and will be used as a runner at Christmas time.  I love the flying geese and of course, red is my favorite color!  Did anyone not know that??!! 
My husband and I started a little Christmas shopping yesterday.  We visited a local mall and I was surprised to see these giant candy canes lining the road.  They were so festive and definitely helped start that Christmas spirit. 
Cute display at Pottery Barn.  I love all the vintage Santas. 

Pottery Barn Kids didn't forget Thanksgiving and had a very nice Thanksgiving themed table set up for children. 
And of course we had to go to Barnes & Noble and of course I had to visit the magazine section!!  While I was perusing the magazines there was a woman sitting on the bench next to the magazines just talking away.  I thought, at first, that she was talking to me but then I realized she was talking to herself.  She had some very lively conversations including the death of JFK among other things.  She kept me entertained. 
We were going to be celebrating a birthday after class today so I started gathering the ingredients to make an Apple Cake (WW recipe).  I have never made this particular recipe so I hoped it was going to turn out ok.  The original cake I was going to make had 683 calories for one slice so I decided I had better scale it back just a bit! 
And here's the cooked cake.  It looks and smells good at least.  I hope the birthday girl likes it! 
Well, aren't you just thrilled that I was able to get to my blog!!  haha
Off to definitely do a little stitching on that binding.  Enjoy tomorrow.............

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