Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hooking Day

A group of ladies made a road trip to a friend's house this week for a day of rug hooking instruction.   There were eight ladies who just couldn't wait to learn this new craft or to hone up on skills that hadn't been used in awhile. 
The ladies eagerly watch on as Betsy goes over the basics of rug hooking, from the different background fabrics to be used to the different hooks, books, wools, etc.  Lots of information to take in.......

Here Betsy is showing the different types of hooks....... 
Once Betsy talked with everyone, they were invited to wander through the house to see some of the rugs she had hooked over the years.  The huge rug in the dining room was hooked by Betsy's mother.  It was absolutely beautiful and amazing to see something so large hooked by hand. 
These are all rugs that were hooked by Betsy.  There were so many more but I decided to only share a few for space consideration.  Let's just say she could open a rug shop with what she has!!!!! 

A tiny peek at Betsy's wool closet.  Look at all that yummy wool.  And there's more hidden in another closet, of course!!  A girl can never have too much wool! 
Lynn looks like she's getting the hang of it.
Joyce caught on really quickly and just hooked the day away.
Not sure what Tricia is doing, but it looks like she's having fun!  I believe she made a boo-boo!!

The ladies all had a great time and went home with hooking homework.  Big thanks to Betsy for opening her home and sharing all her wonderful rugs and especially her talent with everyone!!

Happy hooking gals!

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