Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy first day of summer!  Feels like it's been summer around here for a long time already.  And today we have a smokey hazy covering to our area because of some wildfires south of us.  Not great breathing weather.  I'm praying for a big old thunderstorm to come through tonight.
Took the girls to Chick-fil-a the other evening and ran into a couple of cows.  The girls were most intrigued with the princess cow.  They didn't know such a thing existed.  Imagine! 
A friend gave me this birdhouse a few weeks ago and I attached it to the fence post around my husband's garden.  I have seen bluebirds hanging around the area and figured they were building in the house.  Well, Raleigh and I went out the other day and there were five little bluebird eggs.  Can't wait to see all those babies flying around.   
For some reason I always thought their eggs were blue but I guess not.  Another good friend gave me a bluebird house which I put out front but I keep getting sparrows in that one.  I finally quit tearing out that poor birds nest so she could have some babies too.  Maybe we'll get bluebirds out there next year.

I have been working on quilt blocks off and on today.  I started a log cabin quilt a couple of weekends ago with Ms. Debbie's class and today realized I had 75 blocks I was trying to complete by Saturday.  I have 20 completely done with a bunch to go.  My friend Lynn is going to come over tomorrow to work on her homework for class also.  I told her my sewing machine would be hummmmmmmmmmmming along in order to get the blocks finished.  I don't even know if I needed 75.  I may need more!  UGH!!
I had two beginning embroidery classes and a trunk show and Miss Lou's Quilt Studio in Henderson on Saturday.  I had two large displays of embroidered pieces to share along with some other stitching goodies.   
A little one on one instruction always seems to help.
I had a surprise for Debbie as a thank you for inviting me to teach in her classroom.  My sister and I came up with a pincushion design made just for Debbie and her shop.  I would say by the look on her face she was surprised and happy......and ready to cry.   Awwwww................. 
Here's the pincushion I stitched up and my sister drew.  Thanks for having me Debbie.  And thanks to all the ladies who attended the embroidery classes.  I'm looking forward to meeting the ladies at the July class.

Happy summer stitching days...........................

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  1. Hey Sharon,

    I thought I had sent a comment last evening, but upon checking your blog, see that it is not there! One day I will become computer saavy! Anyhoo, wanted to say Thank You for posting John's birdhouse on your blog. I saw it last week when you first posted it, then showed it to him yesterday.. He enjoyed seeing it occupied with some new tenants! Coincidentally, the day you posted it was his birthday. How did you Know? Ha ha. Been thinking about, hope all is well in your world. I've been whipping up some flags for Louise, she will be here over the weekend for the 4th! Happy Independence Day. Hugs, Tricia