Friday, June 26, 2009

I always thought if I had a blog I would write about fun stuff like new pattern designs, and stitcheries and my grandchildren, but no, I have to write about holes in my walls. I went to teach a class last night and when I got home the hole was even bigger. My husband had the night off from his umpiring job and he decided to go ahead and cut away more of the wet ceiling and get all the wet insulation out so the thing could start drying. What a mess we have. So I guess now we're in the drying phase before we can have it repaired. I have several classes scheduled at my house in July so I hope it's fixed by then. Guess I could always draw something to cover it up! Or maybe add a little stained glass, except there's no light coming through. My granddaughters love to draw and I just know they would provide me with all kinds of art work to hang from the ceiling! Let's just hope it's fixed by then.

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